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Transformative Yoga Teacher Training

beginning January 2025  


Fridays 5pm - 9pm / Saturdays 8am - 6pm / Sundays 9am - 4pm

Weekend 1: Jan 10, 2025 - Jan 12, 2025

Weekend 2: Jan 17, 2025 - Jan 19, 2025

Weekend 3: Jan 31, 2025 - Feb 2, 2025

Weekend 4: Mar 7, 2025 - Mar 9, 2025

Weekend 5: Mar 14, 2025 - Mar 16, 2025

Weekend 6: Mar 28, 2025 - Mar 30, 2025

Weekend 7: April 4, 2025 - April 6, 2025 


*Early Registration: $2,795 (on or before Oct 1, 2024)

Regular Registration: $2,995 (after Oct 1, 2024)

*To be eligible to receive early discount pricing you must meet the following criteria:

  • $400 deposit due with application 

  • Upon acceptance, half tuition ($1,197.50) due Nov 1, 2024 

  • Remaining balance ($1,197.50) due Jan 1, 2025




Leap Yoga, Folsom, CA

This program is an in depth study of foundational yoga. Areas of focus include yoga asana, philosophy, anatomy, prenatal yoga, assisting, ayurveda, Sanskrit, mantra, yoga nidra and meditation. 

Tuition for 200HR YTT Includes:

  • 200HR Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Certification (pending all program requirements are met)

  • Transformative Yoga Teacher Training Manual

  • Guest teacher workshops

  • Access to classes taught by Gena and Stacy at Leap Yoga in Folsom, CA

Tuition does not include books. Book list provided upon acceptance.

Refund Policy:

$400 deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable

(if for any reason you aren't accepted into the program, your deposit will be refunded in full)​


If a student withdraws from the course... 

  • 31+ days prior to training, full refund minus $400 deposit

  • 15 - 30 days prior to training, 50% of training balance, minus $400 deposit

  • 14 days prior to training and once training begins, no refund will be issued

Section 1

Introduction to Philosophy and Mantra

Pranayama Ujjayi/Three Part Breathing

Foundations of Asana/Sun Salutations

Section 2 

History of Yoga/Classical and Tantra/Patanjali’s Eight Limbs

Asana Exploration and Introduction to Sun Salutations A, B, C

Pranayama: Ujjayi Breath

Chant Mantra and Meditation
Yoga Anatomy

Section 3

Yamas & Niyamas and Introduction to Yoga Sutras

Pranayama: Alternate Nostril Breathing

Asana Exploration, Sun Salutation, Intro to Sequencing

Japa Meditation and Mantra Practices
Yoga Anatomy

Section 4

Understanding the Subtle Energetic Body: Bandhas & Koshas

Yoga Nidra

Pranayama: Sitali
Asana Exploration: Inversions & Sequencing
Assisting Techniques
Yoga Anatomy

Section 5

Yoga Philosophy
Pranayama: Bhramari
Asana Exploration: Assisting & Sequencing
Yoga Anatomy

Section 6

Introduction to Ayurveda
Five Element Walking Meditation
Pranayama: Kapalabhati & Vayus
Asana Exploration: Assisting
Review & Practice Teach
Yoga Anatomy

Section 7

Practical Testing & Written Final Exam
Prenatal Yoga
Yoga Anatomy

Section 8

Teach Friends and Family
Graduation Ceremony






1) Advanced studies program:

This track is available to students interested in advancing and deepening their study of yoga without fulfilling all of the the 200HR Yoga Alliance certificate requirements. 

2) 200HR Yoga Alliance certificate program:

This certification is available to those who wish to teach yoga in public venues such as studios, corporate yoga, recovery programs and gyms. Eligibility for the 200HR Yoga Alliance certificate requires consistent classroom participation, successful completion of assigned reading, demonstration of the students' understanding of the principles presented in the program as well as fulfillment of practice teaching requirements.

Curriculum Outline:

Curriculum will include the fundamentals of yoga philosophy, teaching methods and developing skills for working with a diverse array of yoga practitioners in aspects of postural, breathing, mantra and meditation practices.

Asana Technique, Teaching Methods and Practical Yoga Anatomy: Participants will learn to teach the primary families of asanas: Sun salutations, standing poses, backbends, forward bends, twists, arm balances, inversions, core refinement and hip openers. Explorations of postures and poses will be supported by functional anatomy, bio-mechanics and the kinesiology of movement. In this section participants will also learn how to "see" yoga practitioners in order to guide them in a meaningful and safe way through an asana practice. Studies of alignment principles, modifications, physical adjustments/assists and the use of yoga props are all included in this section.


Practical Yoga History and Philosophy: This section includes the study of certain yoga philosophies and traditional texts. Studies include Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga, Yoga Sutras, Patanjali’s philoposphy of Spiritual Psychology, an overview of the Bhagavad Gita, history of yoga and an introduction to the use of Sanskrit.


Class Plan and Sequencing: This section of study will include the art and science of sequencing postures for yoga classes. Class plan instruction will include grounding practices, intention setting, themes and styles of asana practice.

Seeing, Relating, Demonstrating, Cuing: Participants will learn to observe, appreciate and understand what is happening with different students to develop the skills to work with all bodies and abilities. Also, how to effectively demonstrate yoga poses while giving clear and concise instructions using the qualities of voice, tone and audibility.

Practice Teaching: Participants will be working together in group settings to practice teach. Students will learn to develop confidence and skills to lead larger classes. Each practice teaching session includes feedback and discussion of teaching techniques and methods.

Teaching Pranayama: This section includes instruction of basic breathing techniques including three-part breathing and ujjayi breath along with intermediate breathing techniques such as alternate nostril, sitali, kapalabhati and bhramari.


Meditation Practice: We will explore several meditation techniques including japa meditation, guided meditation, silent meditation and walking meditation.


Subtle Energetic Body and Ayurveda: The subtle energetic body is the template to the physical body and in this section we will cover nadis, koshas, bandhas, chakras and the vayus. Included in this section is an introduction to Ayurveda, the five elements, doshas, gunas and dinacharaya.


Pre-Natal Yoga: In this section participants will learn how to adapt the practice for each trimester of pregnancy, indications and contra-indications for various conditions, effective use of props, emotional and psychological aspects of pre-natal, preparation, delivery and post-partum reintegration through yoga.


Lifestyle, Ethics, and Selfless Service: In this section we will be exploring the bigger picture of how we live our lives off the mat. We will explore nutrition, personal yoga and meditation practice, relations with family, friends, co-workers and community. We will study the yogic perspective of living life with dignity, integrity and respect for all beings.

Meet Your Teachers

Stacy Whittingham

Stacy Whittingham

Lead Teacher

"This ancient practice speaks as clearly to human beings today as it did over 4000

years ago. My love of yoga continues to grow as I observe the transformational effects a regular practice has on my own life and in the lives of those who practice regularly. Strengthening the body is wonderful so a lot of us start there. Strengthening the body and mind while connecting with spirit brings healing and wholeness. In this place, we

can accomplish just about anything.”


Stacy is ERYT-500 Yoga Alliance certified and has received the majority of her training through Rusty Wells of Urban Flow Yoga in San Francisco and Karen Miscall-Bannon of Embodyoga ®. Stacy has also studied with and is inspired by Stephanie Snyder, Sri Dharma Mittra, Jason Crandall Anatomy, Wah!, and Francisco Kaiut. Stacy has also studied Conscious Breathing & Eating with Briksha Mahendra,. Stacy teaches yoga classes, leads yoga retreats, and offers RYT-200 and RYT-500

yoga teacher trainings.


Stacy offers private sessions on yoga alignment, trauma informed yoga, regulating the nervous system, yoga nidra, yoga asana, yoga philosophy, breath work, and meditation.

Stacy has a passion for feeding the body well and also offers private sessions on whole food preparation and cleansing practices. Stacy is also a co-owner of Leap Yoga in Folsom California.


Gena Foreman

Lead Teacher

Gena Foreman has over 25 years experience as a student, teacher and mentor. Her classes are a balanced fusion of informed, flow style yoga with attention to breath (pranayama) and healthy energetic alignment. Throughout her classes students learn yoga is not a “one size fits all practice” and that there is more than one way to be in a pose. 
Gena has experience working with corporations, professional athletes, incarcerated and marginalized youth, addiction recovery, and is currently on staff with Dignity Health as the lead instructor with the Multiple Sclerosis Achievement Center. In addition to teaching weekly classes, Gena leads retreats, immersions, 32 hour Yoga Nidra certifications, and 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainings. She was recently voted one of the best yoga teacher's by Style Magazine for the Folsom and El Dorado Hills area. 
Aside from teaching yoga, Gena enjoys hiking, traveling, and spending time with family.



James Kapicka

Yin Yoga

James Kapicka is a movement facilitator, yoga ambassador and Thai bodyworker with a passion for bringing people together to celebrate, learn and connect. He offers somatic based ceremonies, leads embodiment retreats and teaches yin yoga trainings to inspire personal freedom and support community connection. Through sincere and heartfelt guidance, James creates an environment that empowers students to trust their intuition and listen to their heart. This approach promotes curiosity, creative play and authentic expression, and allows for a deeply resonant relationship with self, others and our planet.

James is an E-RYT 200 / RYT 500 and former studio owner with a background in Embodyoga® as taught by Karen Miscall-Bannon. He is a student of eastern and western psychology who teaches non-dualistic philosophy. The spiritual path found James through the wisdom teachings of Ram Dass, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Tao Te Ching. These guides brought him to the physical discipline of yoga where he began to experience more personal power and peace in his life. Inspired by this unfolding freedom, James began learning to teach yoga and was quickly drawn to the practice of yin and understanding of the Chinese meridian system. He perused this calling, studying with Paul and Suzee Grilley, and Sarah Powers, as well as learning Thai yoga massage at the Old Medicine Hospital in Chaing Mai, Thailand.


Gaya Shelton-Ostadi

Music & Mantra

Gaya Shelton-Ostadi grew up and Rancho Cordova and could be found banging around on a toy piano as a toddler, an electric organ as a pre-teen, strumming a guitar as a teen and a homemade harp as a college student. She also sang second soprano in her junior high choir. But other creative threads caught more of her attention as she moved through college, receiving a Masters of Fine Arts at UCD Davis as a visual artist in 1990.

After directing a small regional art museum in Santa Rosa for about 15 years, Gaya left for a simpler life, becoming a yoga teacher and living at a Santa Rosa ashram, Ananda Seva Mission. Over the next couple of decades, Gaya built a full-time teaching practice and became a skilled Yoga Therapist and eventually joined the ashram teaching staff. Eventually, yoga lead her back to music in the form of chanting and kirtan (call and response chanting). 

Gaya has studied raga with Kiranjot Kaur in Sonoma County, sacred music with Gina Salá in Seattle and Kirtan Leadership with Mike Cohen in Boulder. Having moved to Placerville, she now composes, leads Gaya’s Earth & Spirit Band, and records original versions of chants and meditations which are published on digital platforms such as Insight Timer, Spotify, You Tube Music, Apple Music and more.


Timothy McCall

Yoga Anatomy

Timothy’s joy and passion for yoga clearly extend far beyond his teaching on the mat and in the studio. His understanding of the art and science of living yoga transfers to students through his inspiring classes. A native of Upstate New York, and recent transplant from Aspen, CO, Timothy began his yoga journey over 20 years ago while recovering from both physical and emotional upheaval. His personal practice naturally evolved into teaching where he seamlessly weaved a symbiotic and influential yoga experience into life. As both a follower and fan of master yogis Richard Freeman, Bryan/Johnny Kest, Baron Baptiste and Ana Forrest, he respects the lineage of those who came before. His creed says it completely…”always a teacher, always a student.” Although formally trained in Ashtanga yoga, he draws from all forms of yoga, resulting in his own creative and inspirational style. Teaching primarily from traditional yoga philosophy, Timothy leads an athletic, light hearted (and often humorous) class. Timothy also holds a Masters and Doctorate in Physical Therapy and facilitates discussion of utilizing yoga to heal from injury and enjoy greater health.


Uddhava Dasi

Meditation Teacher

Uddhava dasi is the director and founder of the Lotus Garden Meditation Center and Lotus Garden Yoga Studio. She started the meditation center in 1991 and it has continued to grow with the dedicated help of many. Uddhava dasi began studying and practicing the ancient Vedic teachings, specifically Bhakti Yoga, 47 years ago at the age of eighteen. At that young age, the subject of yoga was intriguing and felt a perfect fit as she was becoming increasingly interested in self-discovery, spiritual knowledge and meditation.

At that time, she began a practice of mantra meditation, became vegetarian and was reading the yoga teachings, contemplating the deeper meanings of life. It was becoming clear that this was the journey she wanted to make her life course.

In 1970’s, Uddhava dasi had the great fortune to take up the serious study of the Vedic teachings under the guidance of her Spiritual Master, which she continues to do today. It was then she was given the name Uddhava devi dasi, which means “the servant of the friend and servant of God.”

Uddhava holds a 200-hour RYT certification and has taught the practice of yoga asanas and meditation in a wide nge of venues, from yoga studios and country clubs to cancer centers, prisons, drug rehabilitation and crisis centers. Giving the gift of yoga to others has been a lifelong passion. She now focuses primarily on teaching meditation and yoga philosophy. Hers is an effort to simply pass on what she has been able to capture and apply in her own life from the path of yoga. All the work and efforts of maintaining the Lotus Garden Meditation Center are a labor of love and an effort to share the countless gifts and benefits yoga brings with others.


IMG_4705 (1).jpeg

Rick Anglemoyer

Guest Teacher

Hi!  I’m Rick, and this is my Bio!  I was born in 1966, a year of everything cool, just about.  Here 56 years later, this is what I have learned:  A close friend asked me recently if today was my last, would I be content?  What if God stood before me?  I answered, On my last day on the planet, I AM perfectly content, perfectly!  I do believe we are aspects of source manifesting in these little human suits to experience ourselves as God.  And God, actually did show up this morning.  How about that.  The Moon was magnificent, the waves were perfect, even the kelp that would grab a fin and launch you off your board was amazing.  We had a dolphin take a wave right in front of us.  We had two little Harbor seals playing in the line up. Grabbing leashes, sneaking up and holding boards and legs, Little anchovies jumping every where swimming from ducks, and sea birds, and fish, and bigger fish.  It was surreal, and wonderful, and what I would imagine “God wanting to see”!  As I witnessed this wonderful morning, I also witnessed my morning mantra start in my head.  Almost like a prayer wheel gaining momentum.  This mantra has been the most significant source of inspiration, healing, connection, and love for me in the last 15years.  I’m humbled and excited to share this with you and what I know of Bhakti.  I hope today finds you perfectly content.

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