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Private Yoga Session

Private, semi-private, or small group sessions can include a wide variety of practices including yoga poses (asana), meditation (dhyana), breath work (pranayama), yoga nidra, and yoga philosophy. Stacy also teaches on whole food preparation and clean eating. You can choose your focus for each session based on your individual needs. You will learn to ground your nervous system, discipline and calm your mind, improve mobility, increase strength, improve sleep, and more. Your private session will be tailored to your individual goals.

Stacy works with beginner yoga students, advanced practitioners, individuals with special needs, physical limitations, trauma, grief, cancer patients, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, and athletes. 

Sessions with Stacy start at $100/HR 

Image by Anna Pelzer

Eat Like a Yogi

Schedule a private consultation with Stacy to learn more about whole food nutrition, gentle cleansing techniques, meal planning, and food preparation. Common side effects of leaning to feed yourself well may be feeling more balanced, vibrant, energized, and alive.

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