This ancient practice speaks as clearly to human beings today as it did over 4000 years ago. My love of yoga continues to grow as I observe the transformational effects a regular practice has on my own life as well as the students who attend classes regularly. Strengthening the body is wonderful so a lot of us start there. Strengthening the body, mind, and our spirit brings healing and wholeness. In that place we can do anything.


Stacy is ERYT-500 Yoga Alliance certified and received the majority of her training through Rusty Wells of Urban Flow Yoga in San Francisco and Karen Miscall-Bannon of Embodyoga ®. Stacy has also studied with and is inspired by Stephanie Snyder, Sri Dharma Mittra, Jason Crandall Anatomy, Wah!, and Francisco Kaiut. Stacy has also studied with Briksha Mahendra, Conscious Breathing & Eating. Stacy teaches yoga classes, leads yoga retreats, and offers RYT200 and RYT300 yoga teacher trainings. Stacy has a passion for feeding the body well and offers private consultations on whole food preparation and cleansing. She is also a co-owner of Leap Yoga in Folsom California. 


The daughter of a professional musician, music plays a big role in Stacy’s classes. “My intention is for classes to feel energetic and powerful, giving the physical body a chance to expend energy and become stronger. Even more importantly my hope is that my classes offer sacred time for practitioners to have the opportunity to go within, find balance (pun intended), and connect with their inner wisdom.”


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"Working with Stacy Whittingham has transformed the way I eat and view what I put in my body. I have always been somewhat health conscience, and after introducing yoga into my life, I wanted to learn more ways to keep myself and my body healthy."

Andrea Cottrell

"Stacy taught me which foods encourage a healthier lifestyle and healthier living. I have developed lifestyle changes, which will benefit me forever. It is amazing how alert and energized I feel since beginning the program and I have actually become one of those people I disliked before…..one of those people who can honestly say, "Eating healthy is a way of life!”

Teri Rickett

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